1. Pathetic Fallacy was an experimental musical that used verbatim and found texts to explore human relationships through the language of weather. Recording features Keely O'Brien (vocals), Peggy Lee (cello), Kevin Romain (drums), Gavin Youngash (guitar), Barbara Adler (accordion), James Meger (bass), Juhli Conlinn (vocals), Shannon Scott (vocals), Emily Lyall (vocals). Lyrics, melodies, base harmonies by Barbara Adler. Arrangements in collaboration with James Meger, Shannon Scott and Ten Thousand Wolves.

2.  Light was Young is a track from a collaborative music EP by Proud Animal, co-written and co-performed by Gavin Youngash and Barbara Adler. Words by Barbara Adler. Music by Barbara Adler and Gavin Youngash.

3. Klasika was an experimental musical inspired by Czech tramping culture and documentary film forms.

Czech Tramps and Canadian Rodeo Queens Collide in a new musical by Barbara Adler and Ten Thousand Wolves. It brought together over 30 artists working in music, theatre, film and visual art and premiered October 29 & 30 at the Fei and Milton Wong Theatre, SFU.

4. Poster for November 2016 at the Sawdust Collector series.