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Columbine, Fool’s Flower, Recording

Text, Performance

Composer: Ron Samworth and Barbara Adler

Lyrics: Barbara Adler

Produced by: James Meger

Vocal Arrangements: Shannon Scott with Barbara Adler

Vocals: Barbara Adler, Shannon Scott, Megan Stewart

Guitar, E-bow, Effects: Ron Samworth

Guitar: Gavin Youngash

Bass: James Meger

Drums: Skye Brooks

Klasika, Trailer

Book, Lyrics, Music, Performance

Full Credits

“In the summer of 2014, Czech-Canadian writer and musician Barbara Adler traveled to the Czech Republic, hoping to immerse herself in a century-old Czech subculture called 'tramping'. An unusual mixture of outdoor recreation, cowboy culture and nostalgic fantasy that continues to this day, tramping re-imagined communist-era Czechoslovakia as a country where friends could meet, travel and dream freely. In a bizarre twist, Adler's travels led to her co-starring in AMERIKA, a feature documentary film, which centers on Czech filmmaker/musician Jan Foukal’s own quest to find tramps. The result of this international exchange is Klasika.”