Diskopatska EP

by Ten Thousand Wolves

Previously released under the name FANG, sometimes FANG! Always loud, shouty and aggressive. Here's what FANG had to say about itself:

Fang is Vancouver's most famous accordion rock band. Yes, it’s also Vancouver’s only accordion rock band. Fang gives the big kiss-off to guitar-led rock trios, and plays its devastatingly exuberant word and song mash-ups on 120-bass piano accordion, electric bass and drums. Its lyrics are snap-shot stories and one-liners written by your rattlesnake-mouthed, laugh-in-church-funny little sister. Quick-witted, irreverent, and surprisingly danceable, Fang is out to make you forget anything that polka has ever done to you.

Diskopatska - EP

Diskopatska is Fang's first attempt at cajoling sound ions to stay put. Featuring five tracks of high wire accordion shout rock and one bonus track of achy piano balladry, Diskopatska represents the ultimate in labor-intensive, slightly heartbreaking, but ultimately redemptive DIY projects. The bulk of the recording was done in January 2011 on Galiano Island at the Brown family cabin. Vocals and instrumental overdubs were recorded using gear and patience kindly donated by Fang's neighbours and the Star Captains. Let's be clear, the scrappyness of the recording process doesn't translate into haphazard or half-baked music. The sound is assured, intentional, and engaging. A find for fans of the underground, this EP is witty, warm-hearted, and surprisingly danceable.