Johnny ho Remix Cover_numbers.jpg

The Johnny Horton Remix: # 1,2,3,4

by Ten Thousand Wolves

Ten Thousand Wolves remixes 1,2,3,4 Johnny Horton "hits"

1. North to Alaska, written by Mark Phillips, released by Johnny Horton 1960

2. Sleepy Eyed John, written by Tex Atchison, released by Johnny Horton 1954

3. Ole Slew Foot, written by Charlie Daniels, released by Johnny Horton 1961

4. Battle of New Orleans, written by Jimmy Driftwood, released by Johnny Horton 1959

New lyrics and adaptations by Barbara Adler. Musical arrangements by Barbara Adler and Ten Thousand Wolves.

The Band

Barbara Adler: vocals, accordion

The Company B Singers: Shannon Scott + Juhli Conlinn

Gavin Youngash: guitar, vocals

James Meger: electric bass, vocals

Skye Brooks: drums

Produced by James Meger and Ten Thousand Wolves

Engineered, mixed and mastered by James Meger at SlugBait Studios, Vancouver. November 20-30, 2014.