Klasika | Kyla Gardiner: everything but the tambourine

Meet a Collaborator...

The only thing Kyla Gardiner doesn't do for Ten Thousand Wolves is get up on stage and play tambourine. Since our initial collaboration in the MFA program at Simon Fraser University, Kyla has become the one-woman enabler behind our exciting turn to costumed spectacle & musical theater for thinking people. Contributing concepts, directorial advice, technical expertise and psychological coddling, Kyla has paws in every piece of the theatrical pie. She  worked extensively on Pathetic Fallacy as a costume, lighting and scenic designer and was the fingers behind the gloriously long lashes and kittenish eye-liner swoops in the live show. She is well-versed in carrying around heavy things and seems willing to make spreadsheets. Our collaboration on Klasika begins with a shared excitement for Rodeo Queens, spontaneous community and ideas that don't let you get to sleep.


Kyla has her Bachelor of Arts from UBC. She works predominantly as a Lighting Designer and Technical Director, but has also worked in Costume, Set, Stage Management and Directing. In various capacities she has enjoyed working on The Flannigan Affair (Electric Company, HIVE); Brief Encounters 11-17 (The Tomorrow Collective); True Story ((r)evolution theatre ); Via Beatrice (Fugue Theatre); Biographies of the Dead and Dying (MachineFair/ Craning Neck Theatre); Gift of Screws (Bill Marchant); A Picasso (Presentation House); Fever (Radix, HIVE); Trunk (Craning Neck Theatre); Wild Party (PintSizeTall Productions); What You Want (Machine Fair); Let Me Up (Theatre Temp), City of Dreams (Peter Reder- PuSh), Safe/Guard & Feast (Robert Leveroos), Through the Waters (Noam Gagnon/ Meredith Kalaman), Alight (Noam Gagnon/ 10x10x10), and Thank You, You’re Not Welcome (Compagnie Vision Selective). Kyla is currently working toward her MFA at the School for Contemporary Arts at SFU.