Makeshift Cowboy Meets Improvised Beach

Klasika goes on an urban vandr

It feels like it happened a long time ago. A group of friends met in my office at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts, where I am currently a graduate student. We listened to field recordings I made last summer in the Czech Republic as we browsed a makeshift clothing rack, outfitted with cowboy duds selected by my collaborator, performance maker and designer Kyla Gardiner. Following Kyla’s directions, we costumed ourselves as ‘cow folks’, sprucing up our own clothing with her finds, until we looked like a pack of arty rodeo runaways, and\or a nostalgic ad for denim.

Our adventure was part of an ongoing series with VANDOCUMENT. Read the full article here. It's well worth it for Brit Bachmann's photos, which I think really captured the whiskey slugging spirit of the day. You can also hear a dreamy little audio postcard by Brendan Yandt.

Many thanks to my fellow vandrers: Brendan Yandt, Brit Bachmann, Robert Leveroos, Megan Stewart and Rebecca Bruton.