Barbara Adler & Ron Samworth: New Works Residency #2

Sawdust Collector is a weekly concert series taking place on Tuesday nights at The Gold Saucer, curated by Barbara Adler, Cole Schmidt, James Meger and guests.

March 7

Sawdust Collector Presents New Works 2

Marin Patenaude & Cole Schmidt

Barbara Adler & Ron Samworth with Company C

Josh Zubot

Doors at 9:00 PM. Music at 9:30 PM. Two sets. $5 - $10. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Cash only!

#211 - 207 West Hastings (Hastings & Cambie, above Nuba). Instructions for entrance will be posted on the front door by 8:30 PM on the night of the show.


Barbara Adler & Ron Samworth

Barbara Adler is an interdisciplinary artist whose work brings together literary performance, composition and live event production to explore the intersections between text, music, sound and theatre.

Vancouver-based guitarist/composer Ron Samworth is known on the Canadian improvised/contemporary music scene as an inventive textural improviser and a strong fluid melodicist informed and inspired by a variety of music traditions including jazz, rock, new music and folk music of many cultures.

Adler and Samworth’s work together for this residency includes songwriting, music & text improvisation and arrangements for Ten Thousand Wolves, with vocal ensemble Company C.

Marin Patenaude & Cole Schmidt

Marin Patenaude, originally from the golden fields of Horsefly BC, grew up singing and playing music with her family and is now an active player in the BC music community. Most aptly defined as 'Confessional Folk' and heavily poetic, her music explores jazz and country with hints of blue. Her voice is strong, soft, and utterly captivating.

Cole Schmidt is a Juno-winning guitarist and composer from Vancouver best known for his experimental and progressive jazz group Pugs and Crows. He's spent many years working alongside Tony Wilson. His taste is impeccable and he plays with a beautiful balance of conviction and subtlety.

Together they navigate and refine music that inspires welcomed emotional discomfort. Marin writes from a place of honesty and vulnerability and sings with an earthy core while Cole throws colours you've never heard before and tastes you wouldn't expect.

“Her songs were so pure and deep. Her voice, otherworldly. She was really absorbed in the music and so was I. She got me good.”  - Ben Arsenault (Real Ponchos) Georgia Straight



Sawdust Collector takes place at The Gold Saucer Studio, a collective-run space located in The Dominion Building. Information for how to enter the show is posted on the front door of the building by 8:30 PM on every show night. You will need a cell phone to enter. If you do not have access to a phone, please contact us before the show and we will be happy to make alternative arrangements to get you in.

The front door is located at 207 W. Hastings. There is one stair between the sidewalk and the building level. The studio is located on the second floor, and is accessible by elevator. Seating is informal. There is one single-occupancy, gender-inclusive washroom on the second floor, accessible by key. We are a trans-inclusive space.


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