Field Camp

Public Engagement inspired by Czech Tramping Culture

ROLE: Co-Curator\Co-Producer

DATE: August 22, 2015

LOCATION: Pandora Park and Pandora Park Field House, Vancouver.

PRODUCED BY: Robert Leveroos, Barbara Adler & Lukas Engelhardt with Dance Troupe Practice, as part of DTP's Field House Residency. Grass screen and site scenography designed and grown by Robert Leveroos & Lukas Engelhardt.


An imagined wilderness inspired by Czech Tramping Culture.

From Nola Semczyszyn's VANDOCUMENT ARTICLE.

"On August 22, a motley group of people gathered at East Vancouver’s Pandora Park for Field Camp — a collaborative participatory art event and neighbourhood celebration organized by Barbara Adler and Dance Troupe Practice as part of DTP’s Field House Residency. The event drew from Barbara’s recent work on ‘tramping,’ a Czech cultural tradition where, “dressed as imagined backwoods explorers, Czech tramps vandr into wilderness, set up camp, and sleep in the open air as a means of building and celebrating friendship” (quote drawn from Field Camp publicity materials). With a potluck, clothing swap, craft activities, musical performances and sing along, sports, an outdoor film screening, and camp out, Field Camp combined familiar camp and community event activities with unexpected visual and conceptual delights that transformed the park."

Photos 1-9 by Lukas Engelhardt. Photos 10-11 by Megan Stewart.