Accordion Noir Festival

Vancouver's yearly celebration of accordion outliers

ROLE: Festival Publicist (2013, 2014, 2016). Organizer, "Underdog Instrument Grudge Match".

LOCATION: Venues in East Vancouver

PRODUCED BY: The Accordion Noir Society, a non-profit arts society dedicated to the promotion of free reed instruments.


Since its inception in 2007, The Accordion Noir Festival has been Canada's home for alt accordion innovators, presenting Vancouver favourites like Geoff Berner and Jack Garton alongside international notatables, including Socalled, Renee de la Prade (Accordion Babes) Ms. Murgatroid, Nefertiti in the Kitchen and Pinata Protest. The yearly festival takes place across three to four days in early September (usually around September 9), and features concerts, dance parties, youth and community showcases, workshops and a popular squeezebox repair booth. Fans can get involved year round through Co-op Radio's popular Accordion Noir radio show, The Vancouver Squeezebox Circle and other squeezebox-centric activities affiliated with the Accordion Noir Society.