Sawdust Collector

Weekly Performance Series Co-Curated by Barbara Adler, Cole Schmidt & James Meger

ROLE: Co-Curator, Co-Producer

DATE: Tuesdays

LOCATION: Gold Saucer Studio, Vancouver

PRODUCED BY: Barbara Adler, Cole Schmidt & James Meger with frequent assitance from The Public Swoon.


Interdisciplinary series featuring new established and emerging artists, collaborations and new works. Past guests include Talking Pictures, Kokoro Dance, TJ Dawe, Sick Boss, Jenn Bojm and Khingfisher and selected shorts by SFU Film Students. Regular programs include Singles Night (solo performance), Couples Night (performances by non-couples), New Works Residencies and guest curators. Friends and frequent co-organizers include Debra Jean Creelman (bar), Megan Stewart (communications & front of house) and Kyla Gardiner (design, technical direction).

Photos 1-4, 9, Mine Agente & Not Yet Yeti, by Tara Flynn. Photo 3, Megan Stewart & Ker Wells, selfie taken during performance. Photo 4, Talking Pictures & Stan Brakhage improvised scoring, photo by Cole Schmidt. Photo 5,7, Lesley Telford Interactions, by Chrissy Cheung. Photo 6, Fluxus Film Party by Cole Schmidt. Photo 8, Tony Wilson's Broken Merchandise by Chrissy Cheung. Photo 10,11, Sick Boss by Lee Hutzulak. Photos 12-17, Tony Wilson's Broken Merchandise & Kokoro Dance by Tara Flynn.