Signals from the Mountain

Interactive Audio Installation

ROLE: Audio Curator\Co-Producer

DATE: May 2016

LOCATION: Pandora Park Field House

PRODUCED BY: The Public Swoon - Megan Stewart, Kyla Gardiner, Robert Leveroos, with Ben Wylie. Presented as part of "Sounds & Stories", community event with Dance Troupe Practice. This project was produced with funding from the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants program.


An interactive installation by The Public Swoon that digs into the failure and uncertainty of a small group of people who were absent from the 2014 Burnaby Mountain protests against Kinder Morgan. Set within the Pandora Park Field House, the installation presents a selection of fragmented, fictionalized stories of boreholes and incorrect coordinates told through songs, objects and ephemera. Featuring songs by Corbin Murdoch, Lucia Misch, David Newberry & Ten Thousand Wolves.

Thank you to: Dance Troupe Practice, Tim Mahoney, Corbin Murdoch, Lucia Misch, David Newberry, Shannon Scott, James Meger, Gavin Youngash, Julie Hammond, Lukas Englehardt, Paul Paroczai, Layla Marcelle Mrozowski, CJSF, City of Vancouver Fieldhouse Residency Program

Photos by Lukas Englehardt.