Klasika | Re: "acting" in a documentary


VANDOCUMENT has just released my latest installment documenting our work on Klasika:


It's kind of like a podcast! Here's how I introduced it to my FB friends (I may regret this):

Hey Canadian radio fans! Are we so glum, because disembodied voices can lie? Yes. The glummest. VANDOCUMENT and I have an audio-letter that wants to be the anti-thesis. I offer you a true story about creating a fantasy. It’s the next installment of my project Klasika, and it’s about how I just co-starred in a *documentary* (‘what is real???’) on Czech tramping..Jirka Matousek and Jan Foukal can verify. True!

If you're not a Canadian radio fan, you may be still be blissfully unaware of the scandal currently surrounding our public broadcaster. Sigh. I won't get into it here.  Just Google "CBC" and "Scandal". "CBC" and "Disappointment" might work too.  I took this hard. I'm the kind of person who rejoiced in the fantasy of the decent human being on the other end of the air-wave. I loved that intimacy. I've been feeling a bit jilted since. My audio-letter doesn't in fact solve any of the problems (big or small) posed by the scandal, nor does it address it. But the recording is sweet, and I made it myself, and the people who I have played it for so far, said they enjoyed listening. So there you go. Small gestures in the direction of what you're missing.

Dappled leaves,

B + wolves

PS. Jirka and Jan are film people. Just click the link. All will be explained...