Welcome to the Johnny Horton Remix

The story of how the Johnny Horton Remix project came to be, tracing my roots in country music back to my family's history in Czechoslovakia. Along the way, it explores questions of authenticity, cultural identity, and the power of remix to shape history. It's a surprising mash up of party beats, documentary and audio storytelling. Think of it as a podcast you can get down to.

“Welcome to the Johnny Horton Remix. We play nearly un-recognizable covers of songs you’ve never heard of…”

I grew up thinking Johnny Horton was a really big star. I mean, big like The Beatles. I assumed everyone in North America had heard ‘The Battle of New Orleans’ as a child, the same way we’ve all heard Fred Penner. Only cooler, because – unlike Johnny Horton-- Fred Penner never sang about firing cannonballs out of an alligator. So, I grew up knowing nothing about country music. And now I have a country band…

Hope you enjoy!